Top 6 mobile app development trends to watch in 2017

Smartphone has become a trendsetter with a variety of apps to support the need for the growing user-base. The current generation wants an encapsulated form of everything; they want things done on the go. With the mobile industry flourishing, the convenience aspect has become a major contributing factor to the growth of many Mob app development services all over the world. Everyday newer and smarter technologies are coming up to make life smoother and hassle free. The booming Mobile app development industry has more to offer to the common people and every other day a new app trend comes up in the industry increasing the competitiveness of the leading mobile app development services.

Nowadays the mobile apps are not just built for smartphones, they need to be connected to homes, TVs, wearables, IoT compatible devices etc. The leading smartphone manufacturers are trying to lead the market as they outsource mobile app development services to stay connected with the customers. Cloud computing has also brought in a variety of space on market bringing in more advanced technologies to be used to stay alive and up in the smartphone market.

Here are 6 trends in mobile app development to watch out in 2017:
Android instant apps

Most of the Android phones require an app to be downloaded to do anything and everything. With Android instant apps, one need not download the app, but instantly use it with the app-like features. The feature will enable the customer to use such apps quite easily. Web development in India is working hard to keep up the features of a website encapsulated into a single mobile app by adding good features.

Embedding AI with the apps

Artificial Intelligence or AI is booming with the increasing demands of mobile apps. Everyone needs apps that can vary with the mood and the dynamic changes, like a camera that flashes with a smile detector. Everyone wants new trends with integrated AI in the mobile apps.

Integrating with IoT

IoT is not trending in every industry right now. Catering apps with IoT features are helping people a lot. Most of the industries related to health, education, IT, mobile development etc. are trending with IoT integration. Hence the coming years is going to be a trendsetter with IoT-enabled smartphones which will interact with more devices in varied industries.

Location-based services (LBS)

Ease of GPS usage has led to many new apps coming in the industry that facilitate any user to find anything anywhere near their location with LBS. Most of the apps contain the features to mark indoor mapping, navigations, traffic information, travel, and tourism etc. The major disadvantage is that the battery drains a lot in smartphones while using these services. With Offline maps available, the features are still in use, but manufacturers are coming up with better value-added features to save battery.

Application security will be the prime focus

With more independent developers also working on mobile app development services India, the security aspect has become a key feature to focus on. Apps can access all the native files which lead to many issues regarding the security of user data. To validate such issues, the industry is bringing in more careful and propagated methods to avoid the risk of losing the data.

Augmented Reality integrated into the apps

Most of the geographical distances are avoided using Augmented reality. Now, one can try even clothes online with this feature. Many companies like home painting services are providing features like trying out the colors on the walls virtually without even actually doing it. These trends setting augmented reality features are booming up the smartphone world.