Largest Social Network of China Launches its Own Apple App Store

WeChat is the most popular and the largest social network in China and it has made a deep way into the limelight since past few days for releasing a feature which can be used as an alternative way to the popular app stores run by Google or Apple.

WeChat has announced the launch of ‘Xiaochengxu’, a feature which aims at translating to mini programs. As per a report published by, Reuters state that WeChat focuses on increasing its profile and diverting the customers from the concept of Apple’s App store. The new function of the app is aimed at nearly 768 million users.

Google and Apple have been benefiting millions of dollars through their common app stores and thus, this has forced China to take an effective step. Internet users depend on these apps for various reasons such as checking the bank statements and online shopping and much more.

According to Developer Tech report, Tencent, the parent company of WeChat said that the latest functions allow the users to access the merchant services without having to download their apps. The firm also stated that the initial response to Xiaochengxu has received a wide acclaim from various audience groups such as airline, travel agency, and hotels.

Initially, WeChat started out as a chat app but today, it has grown tremendously into a social platform which is based on features, that are similar to Facebook. The most significant merit of Xiaochengxu is that it allows the customers to use the service without the need of downloading the app.

Developer Tech also listed out the user statistics of WeChat – Nearly 768 million people are active on WeChat, double the entire population the United States of America. In 2016, around 100 million voice and video calls took place via WeChat.