Web development is trending in India and many companies are outsourcing web development in India. Everyone wants to create their own brand presence online and creating their own website is the first step towards the same. Competing for search engine ranks come only when you have your own website that looks attractive, is responsive and has engaging content to retain the leads who reach your page. Websites and mobile apps are the most trending ways to reach out to a global audience. If you are into retailing or services, your website can also become a major revenue generator with e-commerce and booking options. Though SEO is also a major contributor to bringing in the customers, the website design and functionality are the most important factors that can actually help you convert the leads into revenue.

Foundation is a popular tool that helps in responsive web development. It is very easy to use, flexible and convenient to implement. One of the major aspects to consider during web development is to have a responsive website that resizes according to the device it is being viewed on. This is important as a majority of the business happens now through mobile. E-commerce, ticket booking, banking and a host of other activities are done using all sorts of mobile devices and to be able to cater to different types of mobile devices, you must make sure that you adopt a responsive web design. While mobile apps are also quite important, making sure that your website is accessible on mobile devices also makes a huge difference to your success.

Cloud 9 IDE is another popular tool that lets you collaborate with other web developers and freelancers and use their code for the large-scale projects. It lets developers from various locations team up in a central resource pool and come up with software with various integrated modules that work together.

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Avocode is a powerful tool that makes including graphics and colors much easier through the visual IDE. You can also get the code separated and use it with the popular text editors if you prefer that. Avocode basically helps develop more beautiful and attractive websites without having to use the complicated Photoshop or other image editors separately. It is being used by teams who work on mobile app development India as it provides a more visual aspect of how the site looks.

Basecamp is another great project management tool when you are working with a larger team. This tool is essential more from the point of view of team managers. It is a management tool that helps in better project management rather than helping with the direct coding as with Cloud 9 IDE.

Load Impact is another essential tool used for eCommerce website development India. This tool makes sure that your website loads faster. It is a load testing tool that is cloud-based and helps in web page optimization testing your website or mobile app with a lot of concurrent users simulating a real-time usage. This is important to make sure that your e-commerce websites are able to handle the high traffic you bring in through digital marketing and SEO techniques.

Though more tools are available that helps specifically in design, content and development separately. These tools are a perfect mix to make sure that you develop the right application – web or mobile – that attracts and are able to handle a lot of traffic that turns into business.