popular-web- design-trends-of-2018

Every year, the trends keep changing, be it in fashion or web designs. In fact, technology changes have become so faster that it is difficult to keep up with the trends. That’s why website development companies are always on their toes to come up with something innovative and attractive to capture the customer’s attention. Every company having a website will have to make changes in their websites according to the current trends to stay active and appealing to the changing leads. Thanks to the internet, it has become very easy to access the information. When businesses need to interact with their customers via the website, it needs to have the elements that are the most trending in the market. The website design is the first such major element people tend to notice. Here are some of the popular trends to look out for in 2018:


Images gained huge popularity in the recent years and now with Facebook letting you upload video profile and LinkedIn letting you upload videos, animations and videos are getting more popular among marketers too. Websites can make use of animations instead of videos that take up longer to load. Animations can give your website design the dynamicity without making your page heavy.

Tell Stories

Gone are the days of formal information typed out onto your website which is boring and monotonous. Nowadays, Story Telling is gaining more popularity. It is more interactive and engaging both of which help attract leads. Telling your brand’s story in an interactive way helps to engage more leads.

Vibrant Colors

There was a time when bright colors were rejected on websites! They were considered too flashy. But this is the perfect time for those pinks, greens, blues and reds to flash bright on websites. The key is to be lead magnets and if such bright colors complement your brand’s image, they do the trick. Many prominent web development companies are considering bright and vibrant colors on their websites to add an element of excitement.

User-Centric Design

The UI and UX need to be aligned to what the user is comfortable with and the user’s requirements. If you customers are using it, it should be customer-centric. If your employees are using your website, it should be employee-centric. This ensures that the users are kept engaged.


2017 was the year of infographics that conveyed complex information in the simplest ways. 2018 will see more of illustrations so that the message being conveyed is instantly comprehensible. Simple illustrations will help you explain more complicated information which will add value to your website. This helps the story telling aspect also. That’s why web design companies are considering images, illustrations, animations and videos to add to their websites and for social media marketing.

There are more elements such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) induced UI and UX, personalization, asymmetry, mobile-friendliness etc that will rule the web design trends of the future. More than the aesthetics, the visibility, technicality and engagement that will rule the web design concepts this year. Customer remains the king and the key is to continuously engage them.