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The application of HRMS is aimed at enhancing employee performance to help acquire the business goals of the company. The scope of HR is far wider than ever. With a competitive market for business and growing employee strength, the HRMS has to focus on additional activities to ensure the security and comfort of the employees at work. This has necessitated companies to put in place an integrated, robust, and automated system that brings all the activities of human resources under a single roof and furnishes unified services.

HRMS plays a crucial role in the even functioning of various HR functioning such as storage of employee data, employee payroll management, recruitment managing, employee performance management, attendance and time management, employee benefits administration, enhancing employee self-service, and improving the effectiveness of the organization.

Features of Allianze Technologies’ HRMS product
Fully Responsive Design

Core HR

Core HR feature automates administrative tasks. Leave application, attendance monitoring, and employee document management can be effortlessly accomplished using the Core HR feature. Core HR feature maintains all your employees’ current information. So that you can streamline all your managerial tasks affiliated with human resources.

Multi-Vendor Option

HR Calendar

The HR calendar feature helps to manage leaves, meetings, project deadlines, event preparation, and company objectives. Along with managing projects, this feature brings your team together. Notifies you on holidays, birthdays, leave requests, and pre-scheduled meetings.


Recruitment Process

Using our HRMS software, you can manage the recruitment process, schedule interviews, and analyze employee performance in a much effective manner. The software will notify you of any vacancies in the firm by joining with Indeed, LinkedIn, and other job portals.

Dynamic Homepage

Payroll Management

Payroll processing is more hassle-free with our HRMS software. The Human Resource Management System manages all financial information of employees. The payroll management feature maintains a steady record of financial facts including EMI calculation, and loan report generation.

Multi-Currency Option

Managing Performance

Managing performance feature lets you plan and establish goals. It also helps to monitor the goal progressing scale. Our HRMS can assist you in evaluating employees’ performance through in-depth performance analysis.

Multi-Shipping Option

Task Maintenance Sheet

It will assist you in managing everyday responsibilities. Plan, estimate, develop and test your projects on our platform. A daily status update is an add-on advantage. The tool will notify you of uncompleted tasks.

Multi-Payment Option

Employee Survey

A quick employee survey can reveal the thoughts and feedbacks of your employees. The employee engagement survey is designed to measure the aspects that donate performance optimization.

Social Media Login and Sharing

Remote Work

The HRMS software creates a connected work environment. It offers the flexibility of tracking work from home, easy view to attendance, and offer payslips through mobile phones.

Order Tracking System

Employee Exit Management

Our HRMS product automates the resigning process. Employees can easily submit their resignations. In addition to that, it also helps to monitor employee assets, notify on outstanding payments, and pending tasks.

At Allianze Technologies, we aim to offer a predictive model that offers customized report generation and insightful decisions. It enables an organization to monitor employee profiles, attendance, developing analytics on an existing trend. Drop us a mail at [email protected]

Explore Our Product to Boost Your Business
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