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A general outlook of our CRM's functionality

Fully Responsive Design


A dashboard that provides all crucial information about your clients and employees is indeed appealing. Isn't it? To make data more visually alluring, we display them as a chart or graph in a customized pattern. You can have a bird's-eye view of the number of clients, employees, and users from the dashboard. The birthday notification feature lets the customer know if their client's birthday falls within a particular month.

Multi-Vendor Option


A "prospect" or "possible customer" is turned to be a "lead" in the business world. You don't need to switch between various channels to figure out your leads. Our CRM tool has a single-view window containing all necessary information such as previous interactions, demographic details, deal status, and the deal score provided. You can track all your sales leads in a single spot.



Individuals with whom your company goes for relations. This CRM feature helps your company to manage employees. It is possible through contemporary technologies as well as a better understanding. The section allows you to access, categorize, and track 'people' type leads. The leads mainly fall into two categories, general leads or a specific kind of business lead.

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A business deal happens when you start working on a project with one or more of your clients. This feature lets you track deals in your pipeline, set automatic follow-up, and forecast impending revenue as well. "Add a Deal", "Track a Deal", and "Add a Reason for Losing the Deal" are the main elements of this tool. This component will handle deal management so that your staff can concentrate on selling.

Multi-Currency Option

Deal views

A comprehensive version of the "deal" feature. Deal view section allows you to monitor and handle each deal in detail. The deals are in a table manner with the current status, deal value, name of the company (with whom you signed the contract), and deal owner highlighted. Deal view tool shows all details of each transaction. Filter the table data using owner, type, status, tags, and other criteria.

Multi-Shipping Option


Our "Pipeline" feature is a responsive Kanban view. This feature is designed with various tools to enhance efficiency and visualize the work. With the Kanban board, you can manage and control your business deals. This helps you with two functions: one is adding a pipeline with a stage name and a variable number of stages. The second function is that you can monitor and control all deals and their stages. Quickly add, update, and mark an activity to a deal with our tool.

Multi-Payment Option


A business plan or business proposal is an important document to consider when starting a business. A business proposal benefits consumers, clients, and investors. This section outlays every single thing you intend to do with the company. Assembling data consumes time and effort, but the benefits of these documents are worth the effort. Effortlessly handle all business proposals including creating and sending proposals.

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Proposal List

The Proposal List is the most useful as well as advantageous element of our CRM. Our Proposal List function conveniently manages all of your proposals from one location. It let you see the proposal status (accepted, rejected, or hold) through the table format. The data table can be filtered using various parameters. You can create/send a proposal, check the status of the proposal, and approve it with a simple toggle button.

Order Tracking System


When a deal is established and enters your business pipeline, it is added to the CRM software and monitored. This will keep you informed about your company's operations. You will get a general notion of how to prioritize your chores daily. The sales team can easily keep track of the deals, emails, phone calls, marketing, and meetings. This in turn boosts the sales figure.

Search with Suggestion

Calendar View

This feature lets you see your business operations in a calendar format. Several parameters can be used to filter them, thus making the activity search process easier. Calendar View feature allows you to ‘Add an Activity,' ‘Add an Activity from Calendar to a specified day/time,' and ‘Edit an Already Listed Activity.' The calendar can be linked with google to make bookings directly. Our Calendar View tool will remind you of deadlines and upcoming tasks.

Customer Reviews

List View

This feature will allow viewing all business activities in a table-view fashion. This is quite convenient since you can edit or even remove activities from the table. Owner, schedule, organization, or individual are the various criteria on which the table information can be filtered. The addition, editing, and deletion of activities, as well as the marking of completed activities, are the functions that can be performed under this section.



Our product unlocks the capabilities that allow sellers to provide discounts to customers. This will attract more visitors to your product display pages, which will result in an increase in sales. Discounts are modern components that help your company succeed. Customers can take advantage of seasonal discounts on particular products.

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Profitability reports, sales forecast reports, sales cycle reports, target conversion reports, and sales conversion reports are some of the reports shown under this category. These reports help to acquire insight into your customer base, allowing you to improve the overall quality of your sales and marketing operations. The report guides the company towards smart business decisions.

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User and Roles

User roles contain a set of permissions required to access a specific data set. Users will exploit this functionality because it will make the process of creating applications hassle-free. Under this, the user will be allocated a specific role that they will be responsible for. It is important to regularly restrict access for team members. Users will get a username, password, and security access to read the information that they require.

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Employees are the key asset of any organization. They are a valuable source to their employers. Our CRM focuses on improving workforce management, client and customer maintenance. You can view and organize employee information. It allows workers to collaborate on a single platform and contribute to each other.

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