Code optimization is one of the major concerns of competent software development companies. Many website development companies accomplish code optimization by undertaking static code analysis. This provides a bundle of benefits to the software firm despite the challenges posed. Many methods can be adopted for static code analysis such as pattern-based analysis, flow analysis and automated analysis. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons. Here are at least 7 benefits of Static Code Analysis to make you ensure it for your code:

1) Analyzing the Code patterns

Static code analysis done on your website design ensures that the code patterns are closely watched at an early stage itself. This ensures that a single pattern is used all through the code. It also makes sure to correct any wrong pattern.

2) Analyzing the Code complexity

Static Code analysis analyses the code complexity. Code complexity reduces efficiency and may increase the loading time. You can check the complexity of the code written using Static code analysis. This ensures less complex code, that’s easier to comprehend, manage and compile. It will serve particularly beneficial when there’s some major change in the coding required.


3) Specify the rules specific to a project

Project rules can be specifically set by the web development companies with Static Code analysis. This analysis takes care of all the business rules and project rules that the programmers should follow.

4) Earlier identification of Bugs

With regular static code analysis, the bugs are identified much faster. That way, the damage done is reduced and the bugs can also be easily rectified. Early detection of bugs in a complex structure ensures better code efficiency.

5) Faster Development Cycle

Since the project rules can be set early and also the bugs are identified early, the development cycle gets faster. With complete coding rules set and the complexities analyzed periodically, you can ensure faster coding and development completion. Another reason is that static coding analysis eliminates the need for rigorous multi-level testing.

6) Incessant Enhancement

Every time you conduct the static code analysis, you will get a better idea about how to manage code. This way, many web design companies ensure more efficient coding techniques and keep improving their performance incessantly.

7) Get the important Source Code Metrics

Source code metrics are very important for software companies to come up with numbers that help them plan, schedule and budget software applications more efficiently.

Source code analytics provides interesting metrics and bugs in the initial stages itself, which proves to get more efficient in coding and software development in the whole. There are more advantages for Source code analytics that also help in managing the code better with documentation and it gives us a better perspective to the new set of coders who have to manage it at a later stage. It is one of the best tools to be used by software and web design and development terms on a regular basis to ensure better coding practices. Standardized and optimized code will always perform better as they will use optimal resources.