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Allianze Technologies offers well-secured and managed web hosting solutions to accelerate your business. We provide assistance in every step of the web hosting process from suggesting an appropriate domain name to hosting your website online without any issues. For hosting your website, you can select either the dedicated server or the cloud server.

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If your website has more queries, dedicated server is the better choice for hosting your website. Unlimited bandwidth and flexible backup space are the main advantages of dedicated server. Cloud server is well known for its quick loading and reliability.

We provide different types of Hosting Solutions for your website

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the common hosting solution for your website. In the shared hosting, you need to share the server with other clients of the hosting provider.

• Cost Effective

• Efficiency

• Convenience

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Reseller Hosting

If you want to host multiple websites, our reseller hosting is a perfect choice for your online needs.

• Unlimited Domains and Sub-Domains

• Powerful Site Control Panel

• No Maintenance Cost

• Source of Income

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Linux Hosting

It is cost-effective and easy to maintain. If you have PHP, Perl, Python or Oracle based scripts and MySQL database, Linux hosting is the better choice.

• Reliable and Secure

• Faster and More Stable

• Easy to Set Up

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Windows Hosting

For dynamic scripting technology, windows hosting is the perfect choice for your online presence. Windows hosting is necessary to run ASP/ASP.NET scripted websites.

• Easy to use

• Affordable

• Compatibility

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