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Requirement of an app for enhancing client communication

We had a client who had established his finance firm in Singapore but had to deal with multiple customers from various localities.

Now, where was the challenge?

Though our client produced an excellent output, they faced a major challenge while dealing with the time management. They had approached us a year back with the image editing requirement and thus, they were highly satisfied with our output. This helped them to place their trust once more upon us. This time, they approached us with a requirement of dealing with an app creation, which would be suitable to deal with their time management issue.

Our Role

Our Role Apart from the contemporary tools and technology, we possess a team of dedicated developers who introduced a calendar app, which was used to increase the communication time between the client and their customers. Our calendar app helped them to prepare a schedule and ensures the perfect concept of time management.

The features of the app include:

  • Functions 24*7 and thus, you can get an appointment at any time of the day
  • Highly active app
  • Ensures hassle free appointments
  • Recognizes the major time zones of the globe
  • Direct communication
  • Available status notification
  • Easily exportable to Google calendar, mobile calendar, or I-calendar format
  • Get the app through any means including Skype

Final Result

After the utilization of the app, the client came back with a positive response as they were highly satisfied with the result.