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Developing an app to track the employee movements at workplace

Recently, we were approached by a client from Texas, who were majorly into the IT sector. Though they achieved a good amount of profit in business, the head of the firm, wanted to avoid certain in-house distractions caused among the employees. Apart from monitoring the employees via CCTV cameras, he wanted to adopt a unique method which would help the firm to increase the productivity in the long run.

Now, where was the challenge?

The client approached us after going through our web design and development, and mobile application development services. He wanted us to create an app which would help him to track down the internal movements of the employee.

Our Role

We have employed a team of efficient developers who accepted the task with high enthusiasm and complete confidence. They bought out an enhanced version of the E-Office software which was beneficial to carry out a smooth and organized functioning of the organization. It was a best way to track down the daily attendance, break report, work report, and every minute internal activity of the employees. The software could be easily used by both the employee as well as the employer. Every individual was offered with a login credential, which can be registered easily with the input of certain personal details.

Some of the features of the delivered E-Office software were:

  • The team leader or the concerned head could easily track down the attendance and daily work activities of the employee.
  • Reminding the birthdays of every employee among the colleagues
  • Analysis of the break report
  • Applying the leave and ensuring quick leave calculation
  • Appreciating an employee for his/her performance via such a platform
  • Putting up ‘Though of the day’ for providing motivation to the employees throughout the day
  • Displaying the list of holidays
  • Mentioning the assignment of project to specific/concerned people
  • Applying for any emergency leave or permission to leave the office due to any emergencies
  • Final Result

    Once the software was offered to the client, they approached us after a month. They were totally satisfied with the result and the app helped to increase the productivity by the employees. The employees became conscious about their movements as their every minute activity was being recorded. E-Office is always a unique feather added to our cap of achievements.