Pharmaceutical Research Services

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Pharmaceutical research involves a lot of skilled professionals with a huge number of experience years and people who possess an in-depth knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical market. And yes, Allianze Technologies, masters in employing skilled pharmaceutical market researchers who will assist you in gaining a good reputation in the industry.

The integrated health care industry enjoys a great benefit from the in-depth information collected by the various members of marketing research team. Our experienced and talented staff are well-versed with the technical procedures involved in the process.

We are pioneers in providing an excellent outsourcing option to clients requiring pharmaceutical market research with a wide possibility of research needs. We present the details in such a way that our experts can interpret them with an ease. We can formulate the marketing strategy to win the market easily.

Our Pharmaceutical Research Services include:

  • Information mining – Text mining is mostly used in the hospitals to extract the information about the patients for market research. Details regarding treatment, drug prescription, and hospital details are also included in information mining.
  • Medical writing services – We are well-known for offering the best and unique medical writing services to all our clients by providing the information in a clear and required format. We also offer different kinds of writing services to our esteemed clients such as journals, manuscripts, research papers, patient records, thesis, and white papers.
  • Patent Landscape Analysis – Under this service, we provide details regarding the status of the patent application of the various mechanics used. PLA can be local, regional or global.
  • Numerical Data Mining – It includes accumulation of quantitative details such as a number of days taken by a patient for recovery, stay at the hospital, and quantity of medicines consumed. It is an important component of pharmaceutical research service.

Additional services include the creation of a database, search for the patent, web mining, analysis of data, branding and positioning analysis.