Market Research Services

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Market research is considered to be significant in all kinds of business decisions, including areas such as products, pricing, placing, and promotion. In every country, local firms have a rich experience in market research as the researchers have a clear and in-depth idea about the local market conditions. We, at Allianze Technologies, offer an accurate, updated and deeper information when dealing with the market research services.

Basically, it is a process of collecting the information to study whether a particular product or service meets the demands of the people and whether it satisfy their wants. We offer our varied services to large business firms and also provide the market research to international companies who require the information collected through receipts, invoices, medical bills, and rebate receipts.

We ensure to offer a complete set of market research process outsourcing services to all our esteemed clients. Once we undertake your project, we initially categorize your research requirements into problems and then, set goals to provide the facts and figures to arrive at the final output.

Our Services include:

  • Receipt data entry – Data is the main source for collecting accurate information by the researchers. Receipt data entry is helpful in cases where digital data entry does not have much significance.
  • Coupon data entry – Coupons bring in a lot of business but at the same time, they might also affect the profit margin. Coupons are the best remedy to attract a wide section of customers to your business.
  • Rebate receipt data entry – Our rebate receipt data entry services allow the researchers to explain the concept of rebates which are being given to the regular customers.
  • Survey form data entry – Surveys are the backbone of any successful market research. We do conduct survey process manually.
  • Bulk data entry and process – Bulk data and process are vital components for any kind of market research. We offer bulk data entry services for market research.
  • Bulk data formatting in word and excel – We at Allianze Technologies, undertake the need of bulk data formatting in Word and Excel in order to transfer your ERP for the various analysis process.

Our Why should you approach Allianze?

  • What defines us is – reliable, accurate and customer-friendly service
  • Cost benefit of nearly 50 to 60%
  • We offer in-depth analysis of the market conditions at an affordable rate
  • We provide the services to globally recognized companies as well as small firms
  • We help to improve your brand value with our extraordinary services and 100% dedication

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