Data Processing Services


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Data Processing is one of the rapidly growing sector in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. Data process involves certain phases of collecting, converting and processing the unrefined form of data to a knowledge based source. Along with data processing services, you can also get an access on insurance claim processing solutions, catalog processing, and form processing services.

One can approach Allianze Technologies for all sorts of back office and administrative requirements. We offer a potpourri of data processing services to keep the files of the clients updated and secured.

We are specialized in sorting out the data, creating detailed summaries, calculating, analyzing the data, and finally presenting the data in a prescribed format as specified by the client.

Quality meets Affordable Service!

Our Services include:

  • Data and Form processing
  • Word processing
  • Order processing services
  • Mortgage processing services
  • Data capture services
  • Data cleansing services
  • Catalog Processing services
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Data deduplication services
  • Form and Survey processing
  • Digitization of data from e-mails, scan, and forms

We try to adopt a precise data processing method and thus, it helps to produce the output within the desired time of the client. We also adhere to the confidentiality concept and assure to keep your documents safe and secured. We have an expert team of It and Business analysts who will cater to your requirements considering the time frame.

You can expect a 50% to 60% operational cost savings on all the savings. To know more, you can drop us a mail at