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In simple terms, image editing services implies the change of images. These images can be in any formats such as digital photographs, prints, or photographs on film. The first photo editing took place in the early 1860s and it was done to a photograph of President Abraham Lincoln.

Allianze Technologies is best known in the outsourcing industry for offering the world-class image editing services. If you are looking out for various image editing services, you are most welcome to knock the doors of Allianze Technologies.

Nearly 25k+ images edited in a year
99% accuracy
Fixed quality and on-time delivery

Our firm is a one-stop shop for all your outsourcing needs related to image editing. We offer unique and customer friendly image editing services at an affordable rate.

Our Services

  • Image background removal service – It includes cropping, rotating, straightening of image, image background replacement, drop shadows for images, 3D effect, image renaming, and color correction.
  • Image colorization service – Includes replacing old color with new color, adjusting the color of images, changing the color effects, changing the pattern and shades, highlighting the images, addition of new text, and maintaining the white balance of images.
  • Image enhancement service – We manage density correction, color correction services, color cast correction, extensive image cropping service, and insertion of various background.
  • Image masking service – Includes alpha channel image masking solution, advanced and complex layer image masking service, masking via Photoshop transparency, Semi-transparent image masking, masking of Photoshop collage.
  • Image resizing service – Cropping and editing, cropping the images with face detection techniques, output delivered in various formats such as Web P, JPEG XR without JavaScript.
  • Panorama photo editing – Includes stitching process, stitching of horizontal and vertical images, adding or removing company logo or test, wrapping, aligning, altering, adjusting color effects, photo factorization, modifying levels, reducing or removing shadow effects, and adding or removing colors.
  • Photo editing – Includes retouching, cropping, coloring, brightening, sharpening of images, color enhancement, and removal of logos.
  • Photo restoration service –Includes restoration of damaged or faded images, stain removal, clearing out sun-damaged images, repair of water damaged images, the addition of texts, and color correction.
  • Photo cut out service – Includes photo magnification, photo colorization, photo background removing service, image editing, and photo masking services.
  • Color Cast removal – Making the image look natural and real-time and increasing the quality of the images.
  • Photo enhancement – Includes contrast and color correction, background changing, cropping and removal, glamorization, and density correction.
  • Photo clipping path – Simple and complex clipping path service, compound clipping path, and clipping path with shadow effect and reflection.
  • Real estate photo retouching and blending – Includes color correction, straightening of images, adjusting and removal of spots in images, cropping and rotating, balancing white color, offering clarity in terms of shadows and highlights.
A photographer always believe that the lens of a camera can always perfectly capture the inner beauty of a person or a materialistic piece. An excellent capture with a blend of unique editing can generate a best image.
The versatile image editors at Allianze Technologies, devote their hours and commitment to developing an innovative image by utilizing their extraordinary artistic talents.

Some Of Our Recent Works

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girl-walking-in-to-the-sea-before girl-walking-in-to-the-sea-after

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elephant elephant-forest

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